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Cover Girl Fantastic Lash Curved Brush Mascara Expert Review ...

By Lesley

Cover Girl present a little curvy number to help reach every last lash. They claim it’s fantastic but we know actions speak louder than words so we put it to work…
Type of Mascara: Curling & Thickening
Colours Available: Very Black & Black Brown
******Price** Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Get a lush fan of lashes with ultimate curve! The advanced lash-building formula with curved brush builds lash thickness smoothly and evenly, delivering a beautiful fan of thick lashes with superb volume, separation and definition-without clumps or spikes. Also available in Straight Brush and Waterproof.
My Experience:
After being massively disappointed by the other mascaras in this Fantastic Lash range, I wasn’t expecting much from this curved brush version! However, there was something in that short and curly wand that worked some magic on my lashes! I couldn’t believe my lashes! It applied quite evenly but not without the odd clump here and there, nothing that couldn’t be fixed though. The curved brush lifted my lashes up into a nice curl that actually felt quite soft despite its fixed form. I didn’t experience very much smudging or flaking during the day and the curl held well. What a nice surprise after so much fantastic disappointment!
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $6.99 at
I don’t normally like the curved brush mascara as I find it more difficult to apply. Have you tried this product? Did you like the results from the curved brush?

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