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Cover Girl Professional All in One Waterproof Mascara Expert Review

By Lesley

Cover Girl claim this mascara can achieve top class results yet maintain a natural gaze and water resistance! Let’s see how much of that is true…
Type of Mascara: Waterproof & Volumising
Colours Available: Very Black, Black Brown & Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
This smudge-resistant, smear resistant mascara magnifies lashes with a natural effect! Professional Mascara’s pro-glide brush finds lashes you didn’t know you had, for a great look without the usual clumps or globs.
My Experience:
This mascara is better than the original, although that isn’t difficult as the original is now in the bin! After the first coat my lashes are noticeably longer, well defined and slightly more voluminous. There were some clumps along the way but nothing too horrendous! I’m not sure if the look created could be considred ‘natural’ but it’s not dramatic either. It is a very tenuous formula that stayed put throughout the day despite various encounters with water! It was easily removed at the end of the day with eye make-up remover and didn’t require any heavy duty rubbing or cleansing. Considerably more effective, this mascara outshines its non waterproof sister!
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $4.99
Have you tried this product, if so did you find it more effective than the non-waterproof version?

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