Brides Wedding Vow Sample


Brides Wedding Vow Sample
Brides Wedding Vow Sample

Still working on Jessica’s requestto help her with her wedding vows, here is a sample of my own wedding vows. I wrote this straight from the heart. Awww……:

SIMON, I take you as my husband, forever being thankful to the Lord for letting our paths cross and leading me to you, my true love.

SIMON, I am marrying you today because I expect you to be no other than yourself. I love you for what I know of you and trust what I do not yet know. Let us cherish our individual pasts and look forward to embracing the life we will have together, never forgetting the qualities in each other that we fell in love with.

I promise to respect, honor and remain steadfast to our love. I will not ask what you cannot give but rather be thankful for what we have.

There will be times when we will have opposing views, outlooks and tradition due to the diversity of our cultures and background. I vow to always try to meet you halfway and compromise where we can.

I promise to always be open and honest with you, to allow you to know my innermost thoughts and my deepest fears because in so doing, can you truly know what lies in the deepest recesses of my heart.

And when you look deep inside my heart, you will know that no one could love you more purely or more completely than I do now. To no one can your happiness be more divine than it is to me and always will be. From this day forward, my whole experience, everything that lives within me, I devote to you. If I attempt to make myself better, this is done in order to become ever worthier of you, to make you even happier. I do all these because of you, my love. Your love is comfort in my sadness, quietness in the chaos of the world I live in, rest in my weariness and hope in my despair.

In return, I will be there not only when the sun is shining but also be your anchor of strength when storms loom upon us. Afterwards, when the storm has calmed down, rest assured that you would find me basking in the sunshine with you.

And when the dusk has finally settled in our lives, you will find me holding your hand with a smile on my face, never forgetting what we have been through as husband and wife, always remembering this very special moment when we became one.

SIMON, I do not promise to be the best wife in the world. However, I promise to love you the only way I know how – completely and unconditionally. This is my solemn vow because in you, I have found the one my soul loves.

I hope this helps, Jessica!

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