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Brandon Davis Got Busted for His Wad

By steph

They say you can never have too much money…

Well, not so much. Brandon Davis has finally learned that the old chestnut just doesn’t always ring true, and cash doesn’t always get you past the guy at the door.

It sure looks like money buys happiness for the oil heir, seen here posing it up while frolicking in the Aussie surf, but life down under wasn’t so carefree the day before. Early Saturday morning Brandon, 28, was detained by Aussie customs officials for having too much cash.

Brandon was delayed for more than two hours by officials unimpressed with his display of wealth while his gal Cheyenne Tozzi paced, irritated, while waiting for him in the arrivals area of the airport, the Sydney Daily Telegraph reports. She was sick of waiting, so well, she stopped waiting. By the time Brandon emerged from customs, Cheyenne was gone; she had been picked up already by friends.

We know that passengers carrying more than $10,000 are required to declare their cash, but we don’t know just how much Brandon had on him. And where was he carrying it? Not that we’ve tried or anything, but we doubt that much cash would fit into our wallet. A lesson for our poor little rich kid: They do actually take credit cards down under. It’s a lesson a little late in coming, but hey, better late than never.

(Via Page Six)

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