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Who Knew Gwyneth Paltrow Had a Tattoo

By steph

Clean-cut actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has eschewed extravagant Hollywood lifestyles to become a rather sensible North London mother-of-two, has at last revealed a naughty streak.

She has acquired a rather cheekily-placed tattoo.

The Hollywood star had a tiny “C” etched at the top of her right thigh in London department store Selfridges last week.

It may not be a match for Amy Winehouse’s brash topless lady on her arm, but for thoughtful Gwyneth even this discreet gesture is a huge step, and a meaningful one.

The C is said to be an expression of love for her musician husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and has eased concerns that their relationship was in trouble.

The pair have barely been seen together in recent months, with their friends blaming work commitments and Martin’s latest album.

Gwyneth paid £60 for the discreet artwork, after tattooist Steve Flannery spent 20 minutes creating the design for the “nervous” actress.

He said: “At first she was thinking about having a tattoo on her arm, but then decided that this might affect her acting work.

“In the end she decided on the top of her right thigh, and joked that Chris would have fun finding it.

“I asked her if the C stood for Coldplay, but she said it was definitely a C for Chris. “Compared to some designs I do, this was discreet and subtle, to say the least.”

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