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The 10 Best Female Champions in League of Legends ...

By ingrid

League of Legends offers a rich tapestry of characters. As of 2022, there are 159 champions to choose from and a significant proportion of them are female. Although female champions tend to fall into support and jungler roles, pretty much every role in League of Legends is covered. New to League of Legends and looking for a champion to make your own? Are you an established player looking to mix things up? Read on for our pick of 10 of the best female champions currently available to play in League of Legends.

1 Irelia

Released way back in 2010, Irelia is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. Irelia has an epic backstory, while her in-game prowess is something to behold. She's great for ranged combat, with her stun ability able to daze enemies at significant distances. Her ultimate ability is also effective at disarming enemies and is particularly handy when it comes to managing large groups of assailants.

2 Rek'Sai

She may not look particularly feminine, but the monstrous Rek'Sai is one of the best female LoL champions currently available. Her abilities are far more versatile than other champions, while she's effective if you plan on using stealth and evasive maneuvers. This makes her very proficient at tackling enemies with high levels of mobility.

3 Ashe

Ashe is even more established than Irelia, having been released in 2009. Taking inspiration from Nordic legends, Ashe is one of the most visually compelling LoL champions of all time. As an archer, it's no surprise that Ashe is particularly good at ranged combat. However, she's particularly devastating at close range, making her someone you want to have around during the latter stages of play.

4 LeBlanc

If you're a mid laner looking for a champion, LeBlanc is an ideal pick. She's one of the more mobile champions around, with excellent roaming ability. Her burst damage potential is also impressive. Furthermore, if you opt to chain her abilities, you can unleash punishing waves of devastation on enemies.

5 Poppy

Poppy might look more at home in a children's animated series, but don't let her cute aesthetics fool you. In the right hands, Poppy is one formidable fighter and a go-to if you're looking for a reliable melee champion who can give as good as they get. A great choice for crowd control and more than able to meet enemies head-on, Poppy makes a welcome addition to any LoL team line-up.

6 Kalista

Kalista has been around since 2014 and remains a popular pick with LoL players. Instantly recognizable thanks to her aquamarine skin and intimidating armor, Kalista is a fierce combatant in the right hands. Once you've mastered the mechanics of this champion, Kalista is a pleasure to play with. She scores top marks for mobility, while her burst damage can thin a crowd of assailants in no time.

7 Illaoi

Sometimes known as The Kraken Priestess, Illaoi has fascinating backstory. This intimating champion has a raft of magical abilities at her disposal, while her brute force means she can take on melee combatants with ease.

8 Lux

Lux is often considered one of the best champions of all time. If you've ever watched LoL live, it's almost certain you've seen more than one professional deploy the abilities of this standout champion. Despite being one of the most powerful female champions around, Lux is also one of the more accessible. Beginners should have little trouble getting to grips with Lux's abilities, while experienced players can be able to leverage her burst and poke damage to keep enemies at bay.

9 Jinx

One of the more colorful champions, Jinx is also packing some serious firepower. Her signature ability means you can readily switch between weapons, allowing you to tailor attack power and range in different scenarios. Although an indispensable part of any team line-up, Jinx can also be used solo to devastating effect with the right player at the keyboard.

10 Fiora

Fiora mightn't be the most powerful female champion, but she's not without her charms. If you're looking to pile on the pressure in the side lanes, this reliable duelist is a champion worth training with. She's not always a go-to pick for dream team configurations, but if you're playing 1v1 games, she can be very effective. Whether you're playing solo or as part of a team, Fiora can deliver crushing blows during the latter stages of a game. Furthermore, her self-healing ability means she boasts incredible endurance levels. 

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