A Tale of Two Women

I know of two women, having the same age and somehow success in work but differ in how they go about the subject of love, dating and relationships.

One is meek and un-intrusive in nature but that should not to be mistaken for weakness. She grew up with a dysfunctional family of sort — let’s just say it’s not the normal “Brady Bunch” type of life — but she became an individual, with well-founded virtues and principles, which she applies in her relationships. She’s pretty, smart and accomplished. She has her fair share of male friends but I haven’t heard of any fumbles in terms of guy problems. Twas all the typical break up problems. Nothing of the “guys are so complicated” kind of things.

The other is from a conventional and somewhat conservative family. She is loud and friendly. She has a strong personality, too. She’s also pretty, smart and accomplished. However, the virtues and principles that seemingly should have been there (basing it from what she said) is not shown in her judgments. So, bottomline, she’s going through the exact opposite of what I just mentioned regarding girl A.

I find it sort of confusing since, one can say something and do it but the other can’t seem to do it even when she claims she’s capable of doing it. I’m certain girl A’s dating life is no less perfect than girl B, however, the former gives me an impression that she’s stable and the latter, not. Proof? She’s living a life of a single in a manner that’s smooth and now is in a steady relationship and, well, as for girl B, er — let’s just say she’s far from getting herself married.

I find it baffling since I never expected to find two somewhat similar and somewhat different single women in existence. BUT what do YOU think? Ya think I pegged these women wrong? Psycho-analyse these women.

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