Careers and Women


Careers and Women
Careers and Women

By Joy Adalia

I know that you are now a career woman. But other women hadn't been as lucky before!

Decades ago, the role of a woman was to be her husband’s partner in taking care of the children and of keeping the house tidy and in order. Her job is to cook breakfast early, wake the kids and help them prepare for school, help her husband get ready for work, juggle the grocery shopping while keeping the baby clean, plus doing the extra chores at home such as cleaning and washing the dishes and clothes, doing some ironing, and generally, to be at home. In the late afternoon, she waits for her husband when he comes home from work. Her husband works for money to keep their budget well provided for. Yes, the career of a woman was to be the home manager.

Later on, women were accepted as secretaries to the big bosses. Women accept the calls and act as receptionists. Men still dominated the business world. Men ruled. Women followed. Corporations saw these office clad men inside their numerous cubicles. It was a stag affair. The chance of a woman ruling that stag office was very remote. The idea might even cause the executives to laugh. No, women just don’t belong to the corporate world.

However, this idea had somehow changed over the years. Nowadays, women are dominating the world of business and technology. You can scarcely see an office where men are in majority. Look all around you, see all those women in business attire? They move fast to wherever their offices are. They move with confidence - a confidence which was not seen in the housewife of long ago. Women now occupy the higher tiers of the business ranks: supervisors, managers, board members, and CEOs.

How did this come to be? How did the women invade the world which was long ago solely controlled by men? This might be attributed to the more liberated authorities who allowed women to go to school. Because women were allowed to gain education as part of their rights of being a human being, these increased their confidence. Schools and universities helped hone their talents and allowed them to work outside their homes to gain expertise in various fields of business, manufacturing, and other careers.

Little by little the schools allowed more and more women to enter their halls. Though the business and manufacturing world was skeptical at first, the women proved that they, indeed, can work as well as their male counterparts. Little by little, the world recognized how this lady can meticulously get her job done, how she can close that difficult deal, and how she can manage a team of people under her supervision. Men recognized her wealth of ideas that she can contribute to developing the business that she was allowed to control. Little by little, year by year, it became easier for men to accept women as career partners. No longer are they restricted to the confines of their being a homemaker, a woman who waits on her husband. A lot are even managing both their homes and their careers as well as they have managed to fit in all the chores while keeping the children clean and disciplined.

The modern career woman is now the epitome of confidence. No longer is she tied to her home, she has opened her mind to a wider horizon where possibilities never end.

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I appreciate all your views. Yes, I did not mean to sound overbearing and say the it is ONLY women who are dominating the field - no, that will be naive. I do agree with Dieter and Olga, for women to be in such positions is a great accomplishment already. Thanks for all your comments.

your statement "Nowadays, women are dominating the world of business and technology." is just plain wrong, or at the very least, misleading. the glass ceiling is still in existence and all too real; women still lag behind men in terms of salary, and job responsibility. name me one woman CEO and i will name you a hundred men. true, women might be more numerous than men in some office settings, but they are usually doing clerical work or generally something that has less critical importance than those by men.

Dear Joy, dear Megan, dear Olga It is the old story of a glass of water half-filled: Is it half empty or is it half full? Joy and Olga think it is half full (and on the way to become more and more full) and Megan states that it is half empty. Who is right? Of course both sides… Nevertheless I prefer to take the sight of the self-reliant Joy. First of all because it is not blind optimism the way she writes but because it describes a positive process. It is true: On the level of CEOs there is still much to do in favour of women. On other business-levels women reached already a lot. And in other fields of professions women are already leading. In Germany for example the majority of teachers are women. That is the case in many other countries too, I know. But in Germany teachers get a salary that is on the same level like the salary of – male-dominated – engineers. And that means a lot. Second I prefer to take the side of Joy because of the style she writes. It is not the style of the radical feminists who – because of bad experiences of course – often regard all males as the negative part of humanity. I think to improve the situation of women towards “to own half of the heaven” as Mao more or less once demanded it is necessary to stand together: Male and women “of good will” and fight together for a better future world. Dieter

Dear Megan, Women get higher salaries and better positions every year now... there is still a long way to go, but we did a lot already, and it's pretty amazing! Thank you for the great post, Joy! :)

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