Women over 50 Rock!

** By ClaraFreeman **
When I was a young 20 something, men approached me on the streets with "hey georgeous!" sometimes in that bold come hither leer that only men have...At thirty, the leer became less bold... more sensual in approach. It was the slight raise of the brow upon first encounter to that softly whispered "damn girl" that becomes sunshine on a rainy day because of a perfect compliment from a total stranger...

When a woman begins a journey into midlife transition, oftentimes she starts to notice the subtle changes and wonders if her lover, will love her still. At forty-something, She will begin to question... does he love me, or, simply tolerate me? What happened to those catcalls that were tossed about so freely from all of those obliging men? How do I know about all that's in store for women who faces a life in transition? Because it happened to me...I'm here, because of living life experiences to let you know...Women, it gets to be so good!

At fifty I'm feeling on top of the world! I'm single again...free to be the woman I've always wanted to know, before the doubts, fears,questions, insecurities...I'm a woman living a life of re-discovery and knowing that I'm smart, savvy, sexy and confident. Men like my hair, my wit, my beauty. I 'm liking that I'm a woman over 50 who rocks!

You can too...trust me.

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