Best Beauty Pick Smashbox Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo ...


Best Beauty Pick Smashbox Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo ...
Best Beauty Pick Smashbox Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo ...

Our best beauty product pick of the day is Smashbox Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo (Sephora, $24).
If you want to recreate the smoldering look that we've seen in the runways for the Fashion Week craze just recently – this is the product to have. The S**mashbox Wicked Lovely Eyeshadow Duo** is a combination of complementary eyeshadow hues which glides smoothly on the eyelids.

Makeup Junkies said:

Wearing nudes never looked so lovely. There are 2 shadow duos to choose from. I got to try Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo in Sexy/Demure ($24 USD), shimmery dark brown and shimmery ivory. I love basics and this is definitely one to have for everyday or to smoke it up at night. The texture is velvety and blends nicely onto the skin.

The result is rich eye color which blends easily with the rest of your makeup – and the color will definitely last you for an entire day.

Amanda Rowse, Beauty and Fashion Junkie from Los Angeles, US, said:

One is a shimmery peach paired with a shimmery deep brown, and the other pairs shimmery ivory with shimmery inky charcoal. I love the packaging/artwork associated with this line too, it totally captures that mix of sweet and seductive that a good nude/pink can accomplish like no other.
Available in two limited edition shades combination:
• Sexy/Demure (Shimmering dark brown & ivory)
• Sinful/Pure (Simmering charcoal & peach)

Suzy Shopper, Makeup Shopping Obessesed, 20-smth yrs old girl from Chicago, US, said:

The collection also features 2 Wicked Lovely Eye Shadow Duo: Sexy/Demure (shimmering charcoal/shimmering peach) and Sinful/Pure (shimmering dark brown/shimmering ivory). While both of these are very pretty duos, I personally think that they are very similar. It would be a waste of money to get both duos when they look so much alike. I would think that since they are going for the two distinct looks they would have made at least one duo have a softer dark shade. Like possibly a light gray or even a light brown.

Don't be fooled by the rich, almost black-ish hue of the charcoal/peach combo. The resulting color is not overpowering at all – it's just enough to recreate that oh-so-fab smoky eyed look!

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Have these for a while now new and unopened, after reading your post will have to try them out!!!! :)

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