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Beauty My Blessing and My Curse ...

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**By Heather LaFeber **

**** Transforming from an ugly duckling in high school to a beautiful swan in college is not how they make it out to be in fairytales. Granted, the attention and free drinks were not without their charms at first. In fact, I craved the attention because it was new and exciting to me, completely different from the complete indifference I was treated with in high school. I could get whatever I wanted now, simply because of this** wonderful blessing of attractiveness**.

But as I ventured in to the professional world, my beauty became somewhat of a curse. I am an ambitious person with a drive to excel professionally, but I began to notice people questioning my credibility and professional potential. When I received a promotion at my work, one of my co-workers even said to me, "I'm sure the interview was in a room full of men, right?" As if a beautiful woman couldn't possibly be** independently intelligent and successful** by her own merit.

As I continue to struggle with the stereotype that beautiful women are stupid or flighty or unreliable and unprofessional, I also continue to use my beauty to my advantage. But with the good, comes the bad and it is something I must learn to overcome. I take these stereotypes and use them as my motivation to break the mold and prove to the world that beautiful women can be smart and successful too.

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