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9 Ingredients and Directions of Nesquik Chocolate Igloos Recipe ...

By Maria

This is a great treat for kids and a true delight that can bring the innocence back in you and will make you reminisce the old good days when you were still a little child savouring and devouring this delicious and cold treat while basking under the sun. Instead of putting one piece of the fruit, you can slice or dice them so the fruit would be evenly distributed around the igloos.
Ingredients of Nesquik Chocolate Igloos:
• 2 cups fat free milk
• 1 package (about 3.4 oz.) vanilla or chocolate instant pudding and pie filling mix
• 1/4 cup NESTL? NESQUIK Chocolate Flavor Powder
• 6 (3- to 4-oz. size) paper cups
• 6 wooden craft sticks

Directions of Nesquik Chocolate Igloos:

• Combine milk, pudding mix and Nesquik in large mixer bowl. Beat on high speed for 2 minutes or until blended and slightly thickened. Pour evenly into paper cups; insert wooden stick in center of each cup.
• Freeze for 3 hours or until firm. Peel off paper cups before serving.
• Try dropping a piece of fruit in the middle of each Igloo before freezing. Once frozen, your kids will have a fun surprise hiding inside their igloo.

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