9 Great Disney Pixar Movies ...


9 Great Disney  Pixar Movies ...
9 Great Disney  Pixar Movies ...

I love Disney movies, but especially the ones they’ve made with Pixar Studios. The animation and effects are amazing, the plots are involving, and I adore the characters! They’re always so sweet, too, and I cry at least once during each film. I’ll bet you’ve watched and loved some of their movies, too! If you’re not sure which movies Disney and Pixar have done together, here’s my list of 9 great Disney • Pixar movies, marvelous for kids and grown-ups alike.

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Toy Story

Toy Story This is the movie that started it all, a classic buddy movie. Woody is a cowboy doll, dedicated to his owner, Andy. Buzz is the new toy, a space ranger that makes Woody insecure to say the least. Worse, Buzz thinks he really is a space ranger, and not a toy. The characters are absolutely charming, and the plot development is brilliant. The second movie is just as marvelous, but I didn’t care for the third.


A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life What’s life as a bug really like? Maybe the ants collect food all summer for the bully grasshoppers… maybe a flea runs a bug circus… maybe the flies are the ruffians. And maybe one little ant, named Flick, can change the whole ant world…


Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc This movie’s plot run parallel to “The Matrix” — there’s an entire hidden world powered by humans who are unaware they’re powering anything. But when one little human, Boo, accidentally breaks into the monster world, she changes everything.


Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo An over-protective daddy fish searches the sea looking for his missing son, Nemo. He teams up with a forgetful blue tang fish named Dory to find little Nemo, traveling to Australia, meeting vegetarian sharks and a herd of sea turtles.


The Incredibles

The Incredibles Do superheroes live among us? Could your insurance agent be a retired hero? Your son’s track teammate have super-speed powers? Maybe… if they’re the Incredibles, a family of five… and all five of them have super powers



Cars I love this movie! It tells the story of cars, in particular, a race car named Lightning McQueen. He’s slick, popular, fast, and in trouble with the law in a small south-western town. Like all of the other Disney • Pixar movies, it’s very creative, and so sweet!



Ratatouille What if a rat really wanted to be a chef? There is such a rat, and his name is Remy. He lives in rural France, and when he’s swept into the Parisian sewers, he ends up at a failing famous restaurant. He teams up with the bumbling aspiring chef named Linguini, and together they bring the famed restaurant back to the top…



Wall-E In the future, the earth is so polluted, the humans have had to leave, and all that’s left is a team of small robots charged with cleaning up our mess. One of them is Wall-E, who finds a small plant, signaling that the humans can come back. But can he and Eve, his new robot friend, convince the humans it’s okay to return?



Up A retired old man and a young Boy Scout-type set off on a South American adventure, traveling by tying hundreds of balloons to the old man’s house. Giant birds, talking dogs, and a sinister scientist make the trip an adventure… how will they get back home?

If you’ve ever seen any of these movies, then you know the genius of Disney and Pixar working together! And if you haven’t, you need to, soon! Which of these Disney • Pixar movies do you like best? Which character is your favorite? Please let me know…

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omg i agree! toy story 3 was soo amazing!

"but I didn’t care for the third." How can you say that?? It was fantastic, it was putting an end to andys era of time with the toys, and they are about to start brand new adventures with the little girl... I cried 6 times in that movie, it was brilliant!

you're so missing out! toy story 3 is totally brilliant!!

I actually didn't care for any of the Toy Story movies. My favorite of these is Monsters Inc. Also, Finding Nemo...such a classic :)

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