9 Great Disney • Pixar Movies ...

I love Disney movies, but especially the ones they’ve made with Pixar Studios. The animation and effects are amazing, the plots are involving, and I adore the characters! They’re always so sweet, too, and I cry at least once during each film. I’ll bet you’ve watched and loved some of their movies, too! If you’re not sure which movies Disney and Pixar have done together, here’s my list of 9 great Disney • Pixar movies, marvelous for kids and grown-ups alike.

1. Toy Story

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This is the movie that started it all, a classic buddy movie. Woody is a cowboy doll, dedicated to his owner, Andy. Buzz is the new toy, a space ranger that makes Woody insecure to say the least. Worse, Buzz thinks he really is a space ranger, and not a toy. The characters are absolutely charming, and the plot development is brilliant. The second movie is just as marvelous, but I didn’t care for the third.

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