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7 of My Favorite Chick-Flick Movies ...

By Cherith

What’s better than a sleepover with lots of popcorn, nail polish, and pillow fights? Only one thing could make it better-Chick flicks! Adventure movies are fun and exciting to watch, but when you’ve got all the girls together it’s the perfect opportunity to drag out the chick flicks! Here’s a list of my favorite chick flick movies!

Table of contents:

  1. how to lose a guy in 10 days
  2. the princess diaries
  3. ever after
  4. 27 dresses
  5. in her shoes
  6. anne of green gables
  7. the notebook

1 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Photo Credit: Greenman 2008

Kate Hudson shines in this romantic comedy. And Matthew Mcconaughey is eye candy! You will all be rolling on the floor in laughter with the antics of this hilariously funny uproar!

2 The Princess Diaries

Photo Credit: jeradhill

Ok, ok I get it, everybody has seen it. But so what? It’s still a classic in my book! Anne Hathaway is brilliant in this coming-of-age, modern day spin on a princess fairy-tale. Pull it out and watch it –again- and quote all your favorite lines along with the characters!

3 Ever after

Photo Credit: Spacecake

Anyone who has never seen this endearing, romantic treasure is missing out! Don’t waste another minute. It’s the age-old Cinderella story, but told from a believable and touching point of view. Drew Barrymore acts her very best ever in this film. A must-see for young and old alike!

4 27 Dresses

Photo Credit: Mendesweb

So who doesn’t like a wedding movie? You may have a hard time finding a teen girl who doesn’t! Kathryn Heigl loves weddings as she herself portrays a wedding planner in the movie 27 dresses in which she is a bridesmaid 27 times! But will she ever be a bridesmaid…You’ll have to watch it to find out!

5 In Her Shoes

Photo Credit: amberrené

This tender story of two sisters has a gripping, dramatic plot! Cameron Diaz is a jewel in this film, portraying the younger of the two sisters. This is a great movie for any sisters to watch whether they be in their teens or in their 50’s. Warning: Bring tissues!

6 Anne of Green Gables

Photo Credit: mesple

I’m sure everyone in the USA has seen this movie at least once, but who grows tired of Anne’s “heathen” ways and Marilla and Matthews endearing attitudes? This is one movie you have got to see with your “bosom buddy” so get comfortable and bring lots of pillows!

7 The Notebook

Photo Credit: Cheeky Umbrella

I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw this movie. It still brings tears to my eyes, and I’m sure it will yours too. An emotional tale of two lovers torn apart….will they ever be re-united again? You will have to rush to blockbuster and find out!

There are tons and tons more chick flicks worth mentioning here. Another fave of mine is The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. I’m sure you have plenty of your own faves as well? Have you ever seen any of these chick flicks I’ve listed?

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