8 Great 80's Movies ...


8 Great 80's Movies ...
8 Great 80's Movies ...

Say what you will about the fashions of the 1980s, you can’t say anything negative about 1980s movies. There are so many classics, so many timeless films! If you’re still a skeptic, or if you want to take a quick look back, here’s m list of 8 great 1980s movies…

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Sixteen Candles

This is my favorite movie from the 1980s, perfectly rendered to be my life as a teenager. Did my family forget my 16th birthday while I longed for my secret crush? No. Not really. But I still understood poor Samantha’s pain… and you will too. It’s sweet, silly, hilarious, and PERFECT.


Weird Science

What happens when two nerdy friends decide to create the perfect woman? Naturally, she’s gorgeous, sexy, adventurous, and funny. What happens? Watch the movie and see… it’s hilarious!


Ferris Bueller’s Day off

Poor Ferris needs a day off of school, so he takes one, and bring his girlfriend and best friend with him. He is a righteous dude, after all. The movie is so funny, and stars Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey, and Charlie Sheen… and a red Corvette.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Oh, my. If you think Harrison Ford is hot now, you should have seen him in the 1980s, after Hans Solo, but before he played Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, when he was Indiana Jones. The plot, special effects, and character development are perfect!



If ever there was a movie made to make you cry, this is it. In fact, if you don’t cry, you might have something wrong with you. It’s about a little boy who befriends an alien… and the connection they build. It’s also a realistic look at single parenthood. Suddenly, I’m craving Reese’s Pieces candy…


The Breakfast Club

This is such a realistic look at the cliques in high school, even now — the jocks, the nerds, the mean girls, the freaks, the Goths, the burnouts. The movie follows a group of high schoolers as they spend a Saturday in detention. The soundtrack is really, really good, too, and there are so many incredible one-liners.


When Harry Met Sally

Can men and women be just friends? Or does it always have to be something else? Harry and Sally meet in college, and the movie follows them as they get older and go through relationships… do they end up together? Watch and see!


The Princess Bride

Wesley and Buttercup are a perfect match, but as the movie progresses, the odds stack against them. There’s sword-fighting, romance, pirates, princesses, humor, revenge, science, and more… a classic for the whole family, and worth a look to see a young, adorable Fred Savage.

After making this list, I have to sit down right now and watch some of these movies again. First up, When Harry Met Sally, then probably The Princess Bride or Sixteen Candles… or maybe Dirty Dancing? Which of these movies do you like best? Or is there another 1980s movie classic you love more? Please let me know!

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I am a movie buff watched all of them .......several times(some of them)..I loved Weired Science, When Harry met Sally..........and yes cried over E.T. Just naming those movies bring a smile on my face.

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