8 Best Movies about High School ...


8 Best Movies about High School ...
8 Best Movies about High School ...

What is it about high school movies that seem to draw us? Even after we are well past the high school age! My parents enjoy a good coming of age movies as much as I do! There is just something about youth that is appealing and interesting to watch. Here are 8 best movies about high school!

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High School Musical

High School Musical Photo Credit: van_dale2229

Anyone who has NOT seen high school musical should make it their next must-see! The actors and actresses did a fantastic job and the whole movie has a sweet plot and the story unfolds in a way that is appealing to guys and girls alike. The music is young and fresh but not so heavy that adults can’t enjoy it. This is a top fave of my own!


The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid Photo Credit: kagurazaka1019

Who doesn’t have a crush on Ralph Machio? Back in his day he was quite the hottie! Karate kid one and two and three will forever be in my library of “classics” for more than one reason: I love Mr. Miyagi and I love how in the end, the “good guys” always succeed no matter what!


Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed Photo Credit: film stills1

Drew Barrymore shines in this somewhat cheesy (but cute) movie about a woman who has to return to high school as an undercover reporter. She didn’t do so great the first time around, and the second time around doesn’t look so good either….but you will have to watch it and see how it ends up!


High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3 Photo Credit: Louvre1793

High school Musical 3 was by far my favorite of the trio. Highly emotional and intense, you will get completely caught up and carried away by the velocity of it all! When high school comes to an end and it’s time to make life decisions, pressure can build up and this movie brings out every possible emotion a senior in high school could ever feel.


Ice Princess

Ice Princess Photo Credit: Shannon_Taylor

Ever wanted to be good at something and recognized for it? Well this movie is all about perfecting your talents and skills and then climbing the ladder to success by using them! You will love the determination and passion one young woman can demonstrate by her love for the beautiful, graceful sport of ice-skating. Great for a chick flick night!


The Minute Men

This movie is a cute Disney production about a group of high school guys who invent a machine that takes them back into the past. They can fix mistakes and solve problems- but when it gets out of hand there’s only one thing to do. What will it be? Watch it and find out!


The Blind Side

The Blind Side Photo Credit: beastandbean

This is a deeply touching film about a young homeless boy who was taken in by a well-to-do family. Based on a true story and depicted quite accurately, you will be laughing and crying along with the characters as the plot unfolds and you see the beauty of what love can do to open someone’s heart once more.


A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember Photo Credit: NickJonasIsInMyHeart64

If you plan to watch this movie, have lots of tissues nearby! I bawled my way through this whole film! It’s a deeply emotional movie about first love, high school romance, reality and real-life tragedy. Mandy Moore shines like a star and sings with the voice of an angel!

These are all of my top favorite high school movies. I’m sure there are many more that I didn’t list here. What are some of your favorite high school movies to watch?

Top Photo Credit: RoRoMackers

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This is definititly missing Breakfast Club and Mean Girls! I'm not digging the sound of HSM though!

yeah, um mean girls????

sixteen candles? the breakfast club? mean girls? u missed a lot of good movies about high school

Mean girls is not what real high school is and while a great movie -- it's not truly what high school should be and who knows, maybe the girly here didn't like mean girls, instead she likes things that are poppy and fresh. Mean girls is kind of overdone in a way. Cliche.

For me nothing is better then a good old eighties teen movie. Just One of the Guys and Some Kind of Wonderful Also The Clique, Mean Girls and HSM. My favourite of all is Sleepover which had such a funny script. I could type and type about them all day.

Very nice list! Good movies too!

The Blind Side is SO good, awesome job!

Maybe the author hasn't seen Mean Girls? How can you say it's the best movie if you haven't even seen it?

Well, this was a rather crappy list. What about Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, ect?

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