8 Ways to Cope with Irritating Neighbors ...

Sometimes in life, we all get “blessed” with an ignorant, rude couple and their bad behaving kids. They live right next door or maybe one floor up or down, they are our “dear” neighbors… and they drive us nuts! Now, you can keep the rage bottled up inside of you and let them terrorize you or step up to the challenge and try to work things out. Here are 8 situations and 8 ways to deal with them in a polite, civilized and legally correct manner.

1. They Let Their Dog do His “thing” on Your Front Lawn

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Every neighborhood has a certain standard that occupants are obliged to maintain, right? So it wouldn’t be fair for you to bust your behind trying to get the front lawn looking neat only to have their dog ruin it next morning! Well, the first thing you need to do is talk to your neighbors and let them now how much that bothers you. If they continue to let their dog run free, call animal control and let them deal with it – if they care for their pet they will start paying more attention. However, if you don’t want to tamper with the poor animal’s well-being and put the dog in the position to lose the only family he knows, put up electric fences. These things are practically invisible and made for these purposes. The electric shock won’t hurt the poor guy; it will just teach him that your garden is off limits.

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