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Magicians have mesmerized us for generations. These stupendous illusionists have created some of the most fantastic tricks that have made us actually consider that magic is real. No matter how much we think and rethink it, we just cannot imagine how it was performed. Yet it happened right in front of our eyes. Here are 8 popular magic tricks.

1. The Linked Rings

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This popular trick consists of the magician holding two separate metal rings in each hand. The rings are identical and completely unattached in any way. As the magician performs his trick, he links the rings. The audience is left spellbound as the rings were hard metal – how did he do it?

2. The Sawing in Half

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There are so many variations of this trick. The assistant is placed on a table and sawed in half. The assistant is placed in a box and the box is sawed in half. Sometimes the magician saws his own body in half. There are so many variations and we love them all. The danger and risk associated with the trick is what keeps us hooked.

3. Levitating

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This is another popular illusion that magicians are constantly performing. It usually consists of the magician or assistant lying on a table with a blanket covering his or her body. As the trick is performed the subject appears to levitate in the air. Modern illusionists are now displaying this trick with the subject in a vertical standing position and without any blanket, levitating.

4. Guessing a Card

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This is definitely only of my favorite tricks. The magician asks someone from the audience to pick a card. The card is returned to the deck, the deck is shuffled and the magician is able to guess the card. These tricks are often performed at home by amateur magicians. Whoever does it and whatever the variation, it is always a crowd pleaser.

5. Bouquet from a Wand

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Another favorite with the crowds is the bouquet of flowers magically appearing from a slim long wand. Most of us have an idea of how this is done but we still love to watch the flourish with which the magician performs the illusion.

6. Escaping from Chains in Water

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This trick has been popular for over a century. The magician or assistant is restrained in chains or rope and placed in a tank of water. In less than a minute the subject is able to free himself and reappear completely safe from harm.

7. Pulling a Coin from Someone’s Ear

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No matter how many times we see it, its still one of the most exciting and mesmerizing tricks of all. The subject is always tickled pink no matter the age or sex. Since we see it so often, it must be fairly easy to execute.

8. Money is Taken and then Disappears

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This is always an entertaining illusion. The magician asks someone in the audience from a currency note. The note is presented and the magician promptly tears it up or makes it disappear. While the audience member looks on in alarm, it reappears completely in tact in someone else’s pocket.

Magic tricks are always popular. Today the modern illusionists have taken the regular tricks to new heights but the 8 tricks mentioned above will always be crowd pleasers.

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