8 Great Gifts for Grandparents ...

Grandparents love photos of their grandchildren, more than they love just about anything else. I seriously think they may be the reason school photos and certainly photo gifts were created! Especially at the holidays, photo gifts are ideal for grandparents. While the classic photo tee shirt or mug idea may be worn out, there are so many other photo gifts you can give instead! Here are 8 great gifts for grandparents.

1. Pewter Ornament

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Price: $14.99 at snapfish.com
This pretty pewter ornament would make such a lovely gift for any grandparent. It measures 2½ by 3 inches, and holds a photo that measures 1 by 1½ inch. What a great way to share a photo of grandma with her grandchild! It comes complete with a bright red ribbon for hanging.

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