8 Fun Food Facts ...


Do you know why I’m the most sought-after person when friends and family are pairing up for Trivial Pursuit? It’s because I’m a vault of interesting facts, a treasure trove of useless knowledge. Presidential trivia, word origins, and food facts — I know a lot about all of this weird stuff… and I’m totally willing to share a little, so you can kick butt at trivia games, too. Here are 8 fun food facts.

1. How Did Hot Dogs Get Their Names?

No, at no point in history did frankfurters ever contain dog meat. They’re called hot dogs because of the way they look — just like little stubby-legged dachshunds. At the turn of the century, in New York, a particular cartoonist and a small army of concession-sellers helped coin the phrase, and launched what’s become one of America’s favorite picnic foods… which now bear little resemblance to the sausages they once were.

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