7 Ways to Keep Track of Your Child ...


No matter what their age, parents worry about their kids. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to keep track of you children - no matter how old they are! How do you keep up with today’s go, run, do society we live? Teens have this practice, that practice, this game, that try-out, and they are never home. How do your really know what they are doing, without seeming like mother hen? Keep reading for some terrific ideas.

1. For Infants, a Baby Carrier

For Infants, a Baby Carrier

Photo Credit: babybisoushop

Keeping baby as close to you as possible is best. Infant carriers allow you to keep them as close as is physically possible while still allowing your hands to be free. You might also consider a Snuggle Carrier.

For Toddlers, a Baby Leash
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