7 Ways to Get on Your Mother-in-law's Good Side ...

You could be Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, Jamie Oliver and Oprah all in one but you still wouldn’t be able to outshine your dear mother-in-law. Right? Well, here’s the main problem – there is no competition and she is the only one that still hasn’t figured that one out. Yup, building a healthy relationship with “the mom” can be tough and mentally exhausting so I’ve taken the liberty to present you with these 7 survival tactics that are supposed to help you tame her, befriend her and have her eating out the palm of your hand.

1. Don’t Try to out-cook Her

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“She is the best cook on this planet; her apple pie is the most amazing thing you have ever tasted and all your friends want a recipe for that cake she made for your kid’s birthday!” Competing with her would be pointless so why even bother? Tell her that your husband (her dear child) loves baked potatoes but your baked potatoes never taste as good as hers… Now, what do you get from this? Well, you have just solved the “lunch” problem so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy reading this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan while the dear mommy is busy making her famous meal. You’ve just demonstrated how irreplaceable she is and that exactly what she needed to hear!

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