7 Ways to Ditch a Facebook Lurker ...

Don’t get me wrong — I love Facebook. I could spend hours there, reading status updates from family and friends, playing FarmVille, and taking quizzes. But there’s one thing about Facebook I hate — the Lurkers. You know, that guy from Accounting or from the gym who instantly comments on every one of your status updates, or who clicks “like” on everything you post. Slightly creepy, no? I’ve had a few of them, and they’re so annoying and generally icky. Some are easy to get rid of, but others are a little more persistent. Here are 7 ways to ditch a Facebook lurker.

1. Make a Statement

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This is the easiest and most direct way to stop a Facebook lurker — call him or her out. If they post something odd, you can either delete it, or better yet, respond to it in a way that’s not brutal or mean, just direct. Then move on!

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