7 Unusual but Fun Ways to Earn Extra Money ...

By profession, I am a fulltime freelace writer. As much as I love my job, sometimes, I can't help but think of other ways to make money. Here are 7 unusual but fun ways to do just that. They may offer a nice little distraction from your regular career or just add a little more ka-ching in your pocket. Either way, you won't be complaining!

7. Become a Secret Shopper

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This is where you go into a variety of different shops and pretend to be a real customer. There are a range of scenarios that may have to adhere to, such as being a really difficult customer in order to see how well the company can deal with you. There are plenty of secret shopping companies that you can sign up for online. Most often, you get to keep the goodies and get paid for the job as well. Win-win!

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