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7 Top Stephen King Movies ...

By Melanie

Oh yeah, it’s time to break out with those old blood and gore movies, because here comes Stephen King! Who could not forget about this famous writer? He has composed so many scary movies. He has a mind full of horrors! His books and movies always has that unique twist to it (and no he doesn't rely on zombies to make them scary). Just when you think it is heading in one direction, he turns it to the other. I am a big Stephen King fan. Of course, I like a lot of his movies. I am going to put together 7 Top Stephen King Movies that I really like:

7 1976 - Carrie

Carry White is a shy young girl. She does not make friends so easy. Her classmates taunt her about her unexpected first period. One of them takes pity on her and gets her boyfriend to invite Carry to a senior prom. A girl who has been banned from the prom for her behavior is planning a trick to embarrass her, in front of everyone. What she does not realize is that Carrie is talented. She is gifted…

6 1979 - Salem's Lot

With the release of Twilight and New Moon, the popularity of vampires sure did jump up there. Vampire’s existed long before that. In fact, in Salem’s Lot, vampires are taking over a small town in New England. It is up to the young horror fan and novelist to save it…


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5 1980 - the Shining

For the winter, a family heads to a hotel that has been isolated. This is where an evil spirit is making presence and influencing the father to be violent. His son, who is psychic views horrific forebodings from the past of the future.

4 1983 – Cujo

I remember referring to this movie as being the one with the people sitting in the car for most of the movie trying to figure out how to get past a dog! Donna Trenton is a housewife and she is frustrated. Her life is in turmoil, because her husband has learned that she has been having an affair. Brett Camber is a young boy who does not complain much. However, he does complain about a Saint-Bernard they call Cujo. Cujo is bitten by a rabid bat. The husband is away for business thinking about his problems in the marriage when Donna and her son take their car to the car shop. The car fails and Cujo is extremely sick.

3 1984 - Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn, you have to love them! This is a very horrifying movie that has exciting corners everywhere you turn. Isaac, is a boy preacher in a small Nebraska town. He gets all of the children to murder every adult in town. A young couple gets trapped in this small town. Are they ever going to get out?

2 1989 - Pet Sematary

The Creeds have just moved to a house in the countryside. The house is perfect, except for a couple of things. The semi-trailers zoom past on the narrow road, which is very dangerous and there is a mysterious pet cemetery behind their house in the woods.

1 1999 - the Green Mile

Who could possibly forget about this one? This is a story about the guards on death row about to go up to execute a black man that has been accused of child murder and rape who has a power. What will the end be like? I remember the ending, but I am not going to tell you.

Just like his books, many of Stephen King’s movies are long. Who’s to complain about this? I do not know about you, but I love long movies. That means a long cuddling time! Which of these scary Stephen King movies do you like the best? Or is there another one you like better?

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