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8 Worst Romantic Comedies ...

By Alison

I’ve never been able to take to romantic comedies, even though they’re supposed to be the kind of film that women love. Not this one. For some reason, it’s a genre that seems to turn out more stinkers than any other, and you don’t see them getting much praise at the Oscars. Here’s a selection of the worst rom-coms.

1 The Hottie and the Nottie

The Hottie and the NottiePhoto Credit: ноиока

From the title to the casting, this vanity vehicle (I can only assume) for Paris Hilton was doomed from the start. The premise that Paris is a ‘hottie’ is not exactly plausible, and yet again a perfectly good-looking actress is deemed to look ugly simply because wardrobe have given her a pair of glasses (and she’s not blonde). Has anyone actually sat through the whole thing?

2 Swept Away

Swept AwayPhoto Credit: elosoenpersona

Oh, Madonna, Madonna. You may have earned your place in the Rock Hall of Fame, but Evita and Desperately Seeking Susan aside, your film career is a disaster of epic proportions. Marrying a film director to try to save it only results in turkeys like Swept Away.

3 Gigli

GigliPhoto Credit: Reza Vaziri

Let this be a lesson to you, Jennifer Lopez. Very few careers can survive rom-coms with any credibility. Think back to Out of Sight and how it all started so well … and then consider Gigli, Maid in Manhatten. Do not make any films with hubby. Please. And as for you, Ben Affleck … Stop Right Now.

4 Pretty Woman

Pretty WomanPhoto Credit: Pierre Artistta

And now, a prostitution fairy tale. Sleep with revolting guys for money and sooner or later Richard Gere will come along, fall in love with you, and save you from the streets. How did so many women lap up this twaddle?

5 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysPhoto Credit: wbmoviesgirl

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. The rom-com couple made in heaven … or hell. Make them go away, SOMEBODY!!

6 The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty HunterPhoto Credit: Estadio Arcadio

Another Jennifer who should avoid rom-coms. Ms Aniston turned in an impressive performance in The Good Girl, showing that she can do something other than Rachel-from-Friends. However, most of her work seems dedicated to proving otherwise. My recommendation? Try indie films.

7 Over Her Dead Body

Over Her Dead BodyPhoto Credit: naeemshorman.5101883

Aaagh – what an awful title. Plus it stars that fine actress (not), Eva Longoria. To make things worse, the premise shamelessly rips off the witty classic Blithe Spirit. For which the makers should be haunted for the rest of their days.

8 I Love Trouble

I Love TroublePhoto Credit: Dan_Gaedeke

Some of you are probably mercifully too young to remember this 1994 disaster. Julia Roberts, like Jennifer Aniston, has showed promise when venturing away from rom-com world (see Erin Brockovich). Here, she and co-star Nick Nolte couldn’t stand each other (for real, not as a plot device). This does not a successful film make.

Are you a rom-com fan, and see them just as a bit of fun? Or would you rather spend eternity in Purgatory than sit through one?

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