7 Tips to Keep Your House Sparkling Clean ...


The battle of housewives against germs and all other unclean agents has been raging on for time immemorial. It’s the effort of every homemaker to keep the house spotless clean & oust the existence of these tiny menaces from all likely places. Perhaps, you should now turn your attention to the unlikely places as well. Here are 7 tips to keep your house sparkling clean!

1. Kitchen Sink and Countertop

Although most women make the effort to clean the countertops and kitchen sink thoroughly, most of the times they depend on water to do the trick. Water does not eliminate the germs hanging around in the sink’s drain or the rags, sponges, towels, and scrubbers you use. What you need to do is clean your counters and the sink every day with an anti-bacterial cleaner and twice a week with a solution of bleach and water.

The Chopping Boards
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