7 Tips on Making a Rabbit Pen ...


Constructing a rabbit pen will not only provide your rabbit with a safe place to live, but it will also make taking care of your rabbit much easier. These 7 tips on making a rabbit pen will give you some ideas on ways to create a happy place for your bunnies.

7. Draw up Some Plans

Draw up Some Plans

Photo Credit: Keiki Krystal

I find it much easier to build a pen when I have a visual aid to go by. Even if things get altered along the way, it’s still better to have some sort of drawing to start things off. I roughly sketch out what I want the cage and pen area to look like. I then use a measuring tape to get some ideas on how tall, wide, and long I want the cage to be, as well as the area of the run. These plans also help me to know how much wood and wire I will need.

Purchase All the Supplies in Advance
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