7 Tips for Caring for Houseplants ...


My mother has a green thumb. She can take any dried up stick and two weeks later, it’s a lush, happy houseplant. Me, I’m not so talented, but with these tips from my mother, I can keep most of them alive. Here are my mother’s tips for caring for houseplants… thanks, mom!

1. Don’t over-water

Don’t over-water

Photo Credit: floridapfe

According to mom, the biggest mistake people make when caring for their houseplants is that they over-water. She says to only water the plant when you see the soil is dry. If you can’t tell, and are afraid to over-water, there are little sticks that will tell you exactly when you need to add water — just stick them in the soil, and wait til they tell you what to do!

Follow Sunlight Instructions
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