7 Times It DOESN'T Pay to Be Girly ...

Have you ever felt like you've been ripped off because you're a girly girl that doesn't look like she knows what she's talking about? I know that I have. It seems like the cuter or more naive that you seem, the more that people try and take advantage of you! Well, not anymore because these are the 7 times is DOESN'T pay to be girly. So once you know, you won't be ripped off again!

1. Buying a Car

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If you go in to buy a car and say things like "I don't really know what I want" or "Usually my husband would take care of this," you're going to get ripped off. Most dealerships mark up the price of a car and add on fees when they think you don't know what you're talking about. So do your research! Go in asking informed questions and don't be afraid to do a little bargaining. You'll see a bigger pay out in the end if you're less naive but still kind.

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