7 Things That Suggest He is Going through a Midlife Crisis ...


Oh, the midlife crisis – I’ve hated every single moment of my dad going through it just as much as I’ve hated my mom’s menopause. You think you’re having a bad time? Well, ask your kids how they feel! But, let’s skip the kids for now and deal with your hubby-gone-wild only. Okay? So, you think he’s going through a much feared midlife crisis? Well, here’s how to check if that’s really the case:

1. He’s Bored, Depressed and Unhappy with His Life

He could be the most successful one you know and still demonstrate this obvious sign of midlife crisis. Why? Because no matter how many of good choices he has made, there will always be some roads he chose not to take. Those “unfulfilled dreams” come back to haunt them at some point, usually when it’s too late to make them happen. A man suddenly realizes he’s “too old” and get’s all depressed because “his life wasn’t supposed to turn out that way”. Boo Hoo!

He Spends a Lot of Time ”grooming Himself”
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