7 Things That Make You Beautiful ...


Some time ago one of our dear readers mentioned she’s not beautiful and that one comment got me thinking about all those makeup articles I wrote. Ladies, I never said makeup and clothes are what makes us. We talk about them because they are a part of our lives. So, sweetie, wherever you are, you were right about one thing – no makeup will make you beautiful. But, only because there’s nothing to make – you already are beautiful. We all are! And here’s what makes us really special and unique:

1. Personality

Personality is like a fingerprint – somebody probably has a very similar one but you can rest assured it’s not 100% identical to yours. Your will to learn, ability to be honest, the way jokes always sound funny when you tell them, need to talk nonstop or be quiet when you have nothing good to say, the fact that you are a friend everybody could wish for… That’s what’s so beautiful!

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