7 Things Men Crave ...

Being the only female in a house full of males, I know of many things guys crave and they don’t all have to do with food. When I think of the word ‘crave’ I immediately think of things like chocolate covered cherries, dipping ginger snaps in melted chocolate, or just chocolate in general…all kinds! Having a husband and raising two teenage boys has opened my eyes to a new world of cravings, from a male point of view. Here are 7 things men crave, at least in this household.

7. Sports

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It doesn’t matter if the sporting event is on television or at the boys’ high school; both seem to bring up the level of testosterone in males. I’ve noticed that this isn’t only with the males living in this household, but a majority of the men in general. They seem to thrive on the roughness seen in many contact sports. I’ve seen men sitting next to me with a wild look in their eyes as they watch a heated play in a football game.

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