7 Stylish Floor Lamps ...

When redecorating a room, there are obvious updates we all include, like new throws and pillows and of course new wall color. But other changes are more subtle, but still make a big impression, like new floor lamps. If you’re updating or redecorating a room in your home, keep reading! Here’s my list of 7 stylish floor lamps, perfect for adding an extra fresh touch to your rooms!

1. Pottery Barn Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp

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Price: $299.00 at potterybarn.com
This may be the coolest lamp I’ve ever seen. I’m a semi-pro photographer, and I love anything that’s vintage-inspired, so this is a must-have! It comes in two finishes, antique nickel or bronze. I think I’d take the bronze finish, and add it to my living room as a side lamp for reading!

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