7 Scarf Styles for Fall ...

It’s said that because I’m a Taurus, that I should be highly conscious of my neck. I have a feeling this is why I seemingly have regular sore throats in the winter and turtlenecks make me wholly claustrophobic.

But scarves don’t restrict me so much, as I can tie in variations that provide warmth and will not suffocate. I think, just behind shoes, scarves are my obsession – and I have a stack of ‘em in several colors, patterns and materials to show for it. And the sidewalk Pashmina lady might know me by first name…

Here are seven scarves to get you through the plummeting temps of fall.

1. A Sprinkle of Shine Scarf in Cosmos

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Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
Large knit circle scarves are by far my favorite accessories for fall. The Sprinkle of Shine in Cosmos from ModCloth, makes me warm and toasty just looking at it. With its soft and snuggable yarn, I only hope the gold glimmer material of this cozy Cosmos outerwear is not itchy.

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