7 Adorable Winter Hats ...

Since I’ve cut my hair from waist-length locks into a chic bob, I can’t seem to keep warm in the winter. My neck’s always cold, so I’ve collected quite an assortment of scarves. But my poor ears! I’ve gotten tired of wearing earmuffs, so now I need to find some new hats… and I’ve found so many adorable ones at ModCloth, one of my favorite online shops. Here are 7 adorable winter hats…

1. Trail Mix Hat

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Price: $26.99 at modcloth.com
I love this hat! It’s so cute! I adore the big pom-pom on the top and the extra-cozy ear flaps. And the slub yarn is multi-colored so I can wear this hat with just about anything and I’ll still look stylish. I’d wear this with my big fuzzy boots and a puffy vest.

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