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7 Gorgeous Animal Prints for Fall ...

By Jennifer

This season, the catwalk and shops are all still featuring some of my favorite recent trends, like the military look and of course subtle (and not-so-subtle!) animal prints. They’re so much fun to wear, but it’s also easy to go overboard and look foolish. It’s best of course to just wear one key piece per outfit, and that one piece should really be unique and fabulous. Here are 7 gorgeous animal prints for fall…

1 Zealously Zebra Print Scarf

Zealously Zebra Print ScarfPrice: $18.99 at
Who says zebras are only black and white? The zebra that inspired this scarf was much more colorful, in hues of brown and green. Isn’t it gorgeous?

2 Your Inner Animal Coat

Your Inner Animal CoatPrice: $84.99 at
When I was little, I used to dress up in my grandmother’s leopard-print faux fur coat. It was so glamorous, but obviously, one doesn’t need to wear an entire coat of leopard print, just a few details will do. Like, for example, the trim here, along the cuffs, pockets, hood, and pockets. Very chic!


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3 It's a Jungle out There Heel

It's a Jungle out There HeelPrice: $42.99 at
Would you wear these to work, or would all of the other girls be jealous? They’re so on-trend, so incredibly chic, the claws could come out… though I suppose you could just offer to share. Pair with an otherwise modest outfit, and let your blue and black cheetah print peep-toe heels do the stalking.

4 Fleet of Foxes Top

Fleet of Foxes TopPrice: $32.99 at
Well, this is certainly a twist on the typical animal print, with a fleet of furry foxes darting about. This top is perfect for layering above and under various piece, like a vest, blazer, cardi, long-sleeved tee… the possibilities are endless!

5 The Argus Tee

The Argus TeePrice: $29.99 at
I’ve always loved the color and pomp of peacock feathers, and have been longing for a way to wear them… finally! This pale green tee, decorated with a proud gold-etched peacock is ideal… I’d pair with dark denim, a cropped military-inspired blazer, and killer boots.

6 Bold in Gold Dress

Bold in Gold DressPrice: $123.99 at
Perhaps you’re not much of a party animal, but you do have a party to attend, and you would like to make an impression. This demure but sassy party dress is just the thing, with a pair of sky-high heels and a pretty clutch… I love the very subtle cheetah print… gorgeous!

7 Call of the Wild Heel

Call of the Wild HeelPrice: $60.00 at
These gorgeous heels by Chinese Laundry make animal print second to style, adding just a little faux snake-skin to the heel and platform. I love the cut-outs and the curvy shape… pair with a crisp white shirt, gold bangles, and a pair of cropped leggings for max impact.

Add two or three of these gorgeous animal print piece to your wardrobe this fall, and project a chic image with the greatest of ease. Don’t wear them together, of course, but use them to highlight an otherwise drab outfit. Which of these animal print items do you like best, and how would you wear it? Please share!

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