7 Reasons Why Foundation Matters ...


You can go with the total coverage or opt for a subtle, tinted cream sort of it, but a well chosen foundation is and will be the base of your look. No exceptions, ifs ands or buts – mismatch your foundation and you’ll look like you’ve borrowed somebody else’s head. No eye shadows, clothes or perfect shoes will be able to overcompensate for the fact that your face is two shades lighter or darker than the rest of your body. However, that’s not the only reason to focus your attention on picking the most suitable foundation for your skin type. Want to know why I think it’s the most important piece of makeup you’ll ever have? Well, these are my top 7 reasons:

1. It Helps Us Look Better

If you are tired, sick or going through a phase in which your skin doesn’t have its natural glow, you’ll always rely on your foundation to help you look presentable. Some foundations have those sparkly particles that imitate skin’s natural shine, others have some agents that help your skin regain a bit of its glow and elasticity. A real miracle, isn’t it? I bet guys are really jealous of us! I’m sure they are, I even know a few that use foundation but would never admit it!

It Protects the Skin
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