7 Pretty Vests for Fall ...

There are so many fab fall trends this year, and I’m excited about so many of them… but most of all, I’m delighted that vests have finally gotten the attention they deserve! They add so much style to an otherwise yawn-inducing outfit, and there are so many styles, flattering to so many body types! If you’re with me on the vest thing, or if you need a little inspiration to catch the vest-trend bug, keep reading! These are my picks for 7 pretty vests for fall…

1. Turn the Page Boyfriend Vest

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Price: $34.99 at shopruche.com
If I could only pick one new vest this season, it would have to be this one, for all its kitschy details. I love the way the pinstripes on the outside contrast with the sweet polka-dot lining, and the two rows of buttons (rather than just one) add a little extra style. This vest is adjustable in the back for a perfect waist-nipping fit, and would look so cute over a ruffled blouse!

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