7 Pieces of Underwear That You Can Also Use as Outerwear ...

When Lady Gaga started going out in public in briefs and bodysuits, she really brought all sorts of lingerie into the limelight. This idea of wearing underwear as outerwear has always been on the fringes of fashion consciousness, but now it’s more common than ever. If you fork out good money for fancy lingerie, why not wear them so other people can see? Just make sure you choose your pieces wisely.

1. Vanessa Bruno Crepe De Chine Debardeur

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Price: $124.00 at lagarconne.com
This silk camisole is a delicate addition to any wardrobe. Lace is a fashion mainstay, and the lace trim on this camisole is too beautiful to hide underneath other clothes. I love the on trend blush colour of this top. It would look perfect paired with jeans or tucked into a high waisted skirt.

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