7 Non-Cultural Stereotypes ...

Ah, all those stereotypes! Some are rude, some are insulting and some can even be funny, if the situation is right, of course. Our culture and location can make us face some of the most ridiculous stereotypes but the story doesn’t end there. In fact, even the way we look, our hobbies, likes and dislikes can label us “this” or “that”. Here’s the list of stereotypes I’ve had the chance to hear often and my own humble opinion about them:

1. Blondes Are Dumb

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Photo Credit: Andy Pal

I just have to put this one first because I have been a blonde for 5 years so you can only imagine the number of good, bad and even funny first hand experiences this drastic change has brought me. I’ve had some professors congratulating me for getting barely passable grades, others giving me a lower grade than I deserve and people describing me stuff like I’m an idiot. The comments when I’ve changed my hair back to dark? “Great, you are smart again!” Ok, I know that was a joke but still… come on people, we all know intellect has nothing to do with hair color.

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