7 Neat Ways to Cook without a Stove ...


7 Neat Ways to Cook without a Stove ...
7 Neat Ways to Cook without a Stove ...

Being able to cook through different methods is a great way to spice things up a bit. I've found 7 neat ways to cook without a stove. Some of them you possibly have heard of before and you just might learn about a new technique as well. I think it's fun to learn new ways to cook, especially since I don't always have a stove available.

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Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust Pipe Photo Credit: evan_stanbury

Don't worry, your food isn't placed directly into the pipe to cook it. There are stoves rigged up that allow the exhaust pipe to pass through the center of the stove and allows heat to enter, but not fumes. If you've ever gotten too close to the tail pipe of your car, then you know just how hot those things can get. They supply more than enough heat to cook with.



Sterno Photo Credit: jpmarth

This is a jelly-like substance and it gets extremely hot. The little cans have lid on them that is removed and then the jelly stuff is lit with a lighter. You can place a pan or skillet right above the flame, but not right on top of the can itself. If you cover the flame completely, then the fire will be suffocated and go out. These are great for emergency situations.



Dashboard Photo Credit: Amit K

A work colleague of my husband used to make cookies on his dashboard. He would take a small cookie sheet, place 6 balls of dough on it, and set the tray on his dashboard. By the time he came out for lunch, the cookies were finished and ready to eat. This is more of a summertime method of cooking. I thought it sounded like lots of fun. Plus, can you imagine how wonderful the car would smell after the cookies were finished baking? Yum!


Use a Blowtorch

Use a Blowtorch Photo Credit: wotashot (taking a break)

My husband used this method to cook a steak once. It turned out really well! This is an excellent way to cook steaks when you don't want it burnt to a crisp. The outside can be perfectly well done, while the inside is nice and pink. If you prefer steaks that are extremely well done, then this technique might take you a while. This method also works when heating up things in foil.


Over a Campfire

Over a Campfire Photo Credit: excomedia

I don't know if everyone will agree with me on this one, since some people use campfires often for cooking needs. I've cooked outside on a campfire many times and it still fascinates me. My family has a rock ring built around a metal grate that we cook on during the summertime. It not only keeps the house cooler, but it also gives us time to hang out together as well.


With a Solar Stove

With a Solar Stove Photo Credit: roddh

These are amazing inventions that I've used on camping trips. Of course, they work best in an environment where there is plenty of sunshine. A few variations are sold at camping stores and in specialty magazines. I always like to have one of these and a regular camping stove when backpacking. I try to use this one first and only switch over to using white gas when absolutely necessary.


On the Engine of a Vehicle

On the Engine of a Vehicle Photo Credit: elyuyu

I think this is by far the neatest method of cooking. I've seen both fish and steak cooked to perfection. All you have to do is place the meat in a thick foil packet with a little bit of liquid and make sure it is sealed well. You don't want any liquid to leak out. Place the package on top of the engine and go for a drive. The length of time you need to drive will depend on how long the meat needs to cook. If you are simply warming up leftovers, then it won't take long at all.

These 7 neat ways to cook without a stove were fun to find. I've tried a few and the rest I will definitely try someday. I'm sure there will be new ways people invent in the future. Have you ever used any of these methods of cooking? How did your meal turn out?

Top Photo Credit: revolutionarygirl

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Great ideas, esp. love the one about baking cookies on your car dashboard!

Some unusual ideas there! I've also heard of a method where you use a box filled with straw.

nice ideas for cooking non traditionally. but driving to cook a steak! not worth the fuel cosumption. But i got your point one can cook in these ways during camping, picnic or day out. Solar panel is really have nice potential from environmental view point.

very good thinking,only a little thing can change our life

I like the one about baking on the dashboard the best - I am going to do just that next summer! it would leave the car selling awesome wont it? you bet!

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