7 Fast Ways to Get over Your Crush ...

His beautiful smile and blues eyes captivated you the moment you first laid eyes on him. And when he asked you out for the very first time, you almost fainted. Pretty soon, he became a fixture around your house and all you friends new you as “the” couple. The next thing you knew, he wrote you a Dear John letter, and now he acts as if you never existed. How do you get over that kind of hurt? Here are a few tips you may find helpful.

1. Stay Busy

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Don’t just sit around thinking ways to change so he’ll like you. Take up knitting, start playing baseball. Find something you enjoy and do it. The more your mind is occupied, and the less your think about him, the better you will be.

2. Talk to Someone

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Just opening up about your feelings to someone that has been in your situation before can help a lot. So find a parent or an older friend and ask them to talk with you. Your best friend will be on your side, and so will mom!

3. Start a Diary

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Just because you opened up to someone older doesn’t mean you still have things that you want to say. Maybe there are things you would like but aren’t comfortable saying to other people. Writing a diary will help you say whatever you want and nobody will ever find out about it.

4. Hang out with Your Girlfriends

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Grab a few close friends and hit the mall, get a movie or have a sleepover and act goofy. Being around people that you love, will help you get by and of course, bring a smile to your face. Have fun and enjoy who you are. Who says a boy is the only reason you can be happy?

5. He’s Not the Only Fish in the Sea

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There are tons of other guys out there. If he isn’t the one, simply move on. Yes, it hurts and yes, you may not want to look else where, but if he’s not willing to accept you now than he doesn’t deserve you later. Put on a happy face and you will find the next guy may be twice as better.

6. There is Someone Better for You

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As much as it may hurt you now, there is someone better for you. Remember, when a guy breaks your heart, it is all part of the growing up process. If you never hurt, you may never find that perfect guy.

7. Go Ahead and Hurt for Awhile

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If it doesn’t hurt you, then you know he was not anything special in the first place. But if your heart is broken right now, then remember it is okay to cry. Don’t bottle it up inside. Share your feelings with your close friends, shed your tears, lay around, alone, in your bed for one day. But only one day! Don’t let it crush you forever. After the grieving time, put the beautiful smile back on your face and face the world with a new attitude.

Getting over a crush is never really easy. You will hurt every time you see him. But the good thing is it never lasts. The pain will eventually melt away and the sun will shine again. How do you get over a crush?

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