7 Downsides of Being a Freelancer ...

Last time I wrote about freelancing, it kind of occurred to me that I’ve pointed out only the positive aspects. Now, I still think freelancing is a creative, liberating job but I’ve also wanted to point out that, like every job, it has some bad sides too. So, if you’re thinking about letting your creative genius out and starting a business on your own it’s only fair to give you a complete information, right? So, yup, freelancers like their career choice even though it involves some risks. Not all is black and white even on the Internet so be prepared to face some of these 7 challenges:

1. No Live Communication

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Messages can be misinterpreted and there’s even funny story about a simple grammar mistake that saved a person’s life to back that up. Facial expressions and body language can sometimes speak louder than the actual words plus, asking questions and receiving answers and additional info in person is much easier and less time consuming.

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