7 Cute Shorts from Ruche ...

Hooray for shorts! They’re ideal for wearing in the heat of summer, or even for layering over tights and leggings in the winter. Wear them with peep-toe heels, Mary Janes, or oxfords; wear them with tunics or tees or turtlenecks… in other words, wear them with anything, anytime! And did you know winter is a good time to buy shorts… why not? I just found some cute shorts at one of my fave online fashion shops… and here they are!

1. Lovely as a Rose Cream Shorts

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Price: $35.99 at shopruche.com
Can you imagine a better pair of shorts to wear with a menswear-inspired vest, black or grey patterned tights, and a cute pair of patent Mary Janes? They’re sheer creamy white, covered in sweet rosettes, with a contrasting black lining. They zip up the side and have elastic at the waist and hems.

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