7 Clues You Are Ready for Marriage ...


Being with someone for a long period of time often leads to the question, “Am I ready to marry this person?” This can be a tough question to answer. Each person is different and it can be hard to know if you can truly trust your feelings or not. Here are 7 clues you are ready for marriage that might be helpful to you. These are merely suggestions and won’t be accurate for everyone.

7. Putting Your Needs Last Isn’t an Issue

Putting Your Needs Last Isn’t an Issue

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People who have lived alone for many years often have a hard time thinking of others. They have often been conditioned to take care of themselves and try to make sure they put themselves first. If you only have yourself to worry about, then don’t you usually do what makes you happiest? When you come to the point that your happiness means less to you than the happiness you are able to create your significant other, then you just might be ready to make the next step; marriage.

You Trust and Love This Person Completely
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