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7 Best Dressed at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards ...

By Meream

The Teen Choice Awards is not exactly a haven for fabulous fashion choices. The show is so casual that wearing a designer gown will just look too funny. Can you imagine wearing a designer gown to present or accept a surf board? But this does not mean that the show is completely devoid of that glimmer of style. So presented below are 7 best dressed (in no particular order) at the recent Teen Choice Awards.

1 Ashley Greene

Ashley GreeneFloral prints? That's is SO in right now. The print is darling and I love the bustier upper portion. The matching clutch is cute, too.

2 Cameron Diaz

Cameron DiazSo what if this wasn't the Oscars red carpet, Cameron always gets it right. Here she is looking really lovely in her Alexander McQueen dress. Doesn't her body look amazing?


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3 Leighton Meester

Leighton MeesterThis is the image of perfection. That fabulous dress, those ravishing shoes, her perfect hair. Isn't she just beautiful? Although I could be biased because I think red, white, and black always go well together.

4 Ashley Tisdale

Ashley TisdaleAshely wore a bustier as well. Her choice looks a bit too formal for Teen Choice Awards but look at those killer shoes! Those studded Louboutins sure make me green with envy.

5 Kristen Bell

Kristen BellBaggy black rompersand gold strappy heels? I smell a winner. This is a versatile look. It can take you from a casual awards show to a late lunch to painting the town red with your girl friends.

6 Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin**

Abigail looks absolutely adorable in her pink kimono dress and brown boots. This is age-appropriate and incredibly cute. Love her soft waves, too.

7 Emma Roberts

Emma RobertsI love this Monique Lhuillier dress. Emma paired it with booties, which completed the whole look. I adore the whole outfit. But maybe she needs lessons on posing.

As for the guys, no one really stood out because they all went for the disheveled look. I remember thinking that Chace Crawford and Zac Efron look hot, though. What about you? Whose look did you like at the show? And whose made you cringe (there is always that someone who never gets it right)?

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