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5 Pre-Oscars Goodness to Check out...

By Meream

1 Academy Awards Contest!

Check this post to play an Oscars game and win fab prizes! Shall I tell you that you can win fab fab makeup? Now go!

2 Lovely Oscars Gowns from the past

I might make me a post like this but show only my favorites. Tell me, which of these gowns do you love?

3 Oscars Hair Predictions

A Mom in Red High Heels shows us what the ladies' hair might look like once they start hitting the red carpet. I'm excited!

4 Oscars Food

Those lucky people attending the Oscars will be eating food prepared by Woflgang Puck. It's a bit unfair because I know that most of them are dieting and will not be able to enjoy the yummy goodness.

5 What if Oprah is Your Oscars Date?

What will you do? What if she calls you and asks if you want to ride to the awards show with her? "It" girl Gabourey Sidibe knows how it feels.

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