7 Alleged Dangers of the N1H1 Flu Shot ...

When it comes to swine flu, I just can’t help but wonder "is the vaccine more dangerous than the actual virus?" Governments had spent millions of dollars to get this precious shot, some of them have been legally forcing their citizens to get vaccinated and, let’s not forget that a company that produces the vaccine made one hell of a profit last year. And now, one year later, even though there is no actual swine flu danger, this “healing mixture” is a component of the regular, seasonal flu shot! I’m not a very political person and I generally think that all of us have bigger things to worry about and more interesting stuff than all those conspiracy theories to discuss but I just can’t stop thinking about this. Is the N1H1 shot really so dangerous and does this mean we can’t get our regular flu shots anymore? Here’s the list of 7 dangers of this shot the media and various individuals are telling us:

1. Brain Damage

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Seizures, memory loss, dizziness, neurological disorders like Guillian-Barre syndrome and Alzheimer are often associated with receiving a swine flu shot. It happened back in 1970’s during the first swine flu outbreak and the vaccine they have produced back then was no more dangerous than the one they are offering to us now. The only thing that has changed is the paperwork so, today, you have to sign a consent and, if something bad happens to you or your loved ones, it’s nobody’s fault! Now, if the shot is so safe, why is that necessary? You tell me.

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