7 Advantages to Being a Band Geek ...

I was a total band geek. Concert band, marching band, jazz band. I played trombone, y’all. It was awesome. With a few exceptions, the people I liked most in high school were right there with me. A lot of us weren’t the most popular kids, but I tell you what, I think being a band geek has a lot of long term benefits. Here are 7 of the thousands of advantages to being a band geek.

1. Band Geeks Are Better Lovers

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Photo Credit: JuttaV.

I’m serious. Actually, I’m exaggerating. Trombonists are better lovers. Why? Because trombonists do it in seven different positions, y’all! Ha ha! Ha … okay, that’s even less clever than it was when I was fifteen. But you know, the second had to make ourselves feel better somehow.

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